Paige and Frankie

Like most of the Bookbats, Paige lives in the library, but also often looks into the lofts of the old houses — where the chests full of the delightful old books with leather covers and yellowed pages could be found.
At nights, when he decides not to fly on a book hunt, he certainly reads and often becomes engrossed in reading until the next morning. However, he can read even during the day, before going asleep – as a Bookbat he is fully aware inverted texts.
In the library, there is a huge selection of different books, but Paige prefers classic detective novels and Victorian prose — he is such an old-fashioned, You could not make it up.
He is wary of tablets and smartphones, despite the fact that some Bookbats enthusiastically say that they are more convenient than a book — but he did not even want to listen to them-that it is simply impossible
His wings keep the text of one of his favorite books — «The hound of the Baskervilles» by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Francis Michel de Ekarleyt (for friends — Frankie)
Frankie — a hereditary aristocrat and the heir of Count Dracula! However, the relationship is so distant, that some argue that it is not considered — but try to say Frankie about this … She is crazy about anything that relates to vampires, and she can easily cite any movie on this topic (even mute! ) — Even that does not mean that she likes them all. For example, she dreams one day to bite Robert Pattinson. No, not because he should had become a vampire, but … just for fun. The old scores.
Frankie does not drink blood (from her point of view-this is unsuitable occupation for such a refined girl!). Instead of this, she prefers blended cherry compote. If you look into her basement of estate, you will find a collection of cherry compote in different wine bottles!
Frankie also cannot decide how to sleep correctly: upside down (as a bat!), in a coffin (as a vampire!) or upside down in a coffin (as a bat — vampire!). In her collection may be found a piece of the cloak of Count Dracula, and in order to develop immunity, she every morning before going to bed eats a small clove of garlic.
Despite the fact that Frankie and Paige are completely different, Frankie often gives Paige a look-in to his library to hear some stories about vampires from many different times. Paige … well, he did not mind — who would be against something to read for such a cute mouse?